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Message Number: 10
Location: togo
Sent: 24-Apr-2003
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Message Number: 9
Pauline Golton
Location: Kelfield, York
Sent: 11-Mar-2003
Hello Goltons all over the world. My Greatgrandfather was caled Thomas. I have both his birth certificate which says Thomas Goulton and his death certificate which says Thomas Golton. He had a large family and many of the Goltons in the Selby area are decended from him. Bought a farm in Kelfield in 1908. My father also has a watch with an American link from an Uncle who died out there. I am looking at doing some more research into the family and would love to hear from Golton's all over the world.

Message Number: 8
Samantha Golton
Location: London
Sent: 10-Mar-2003
Hi there! I know that my grandfather, Donald Alfred Golton, came from a family in the rag trade in the East End of London. This is interesting in conjunction with the theory that I've heard that the Goltons fled from France as Huguenots, as a lot of Huguenot weavers set up in the East End. More please!! I'd love to know more about my unusual and frequently mis-spelled surname!

Message Number: 7
roger golten
Location: kings langley, herts
Sent: 7-Mar-2003
I omitted to say that the Goltens came originally from Czechoslovakia. If you search on "Desider Golten" he has made some video diaries about his memories for the BBC which are viewable on-line. Jack Golten in Cheadle and myself both have books in print - Jack is an academic working in control systems engineering and I am a Bodywork Therapist.

Message Number: 6
roger golten
Location: Kings Langley Herts
Sent: 7-Mar-2003
My father Marcel Golten arrived in the UK age 15 as a refugee with his parents, brother and 3 uncles and their wives. An Aunt and her husband and grandparents perished in the Holocaust. They came to South Wales because a fifth brother, a dentist, had been there since the early 30s. The family name was Goldstein. The story goes that on the train journey to freedom, a decision to "anglicize" the name was made,and the 'd', the 's' & the 'i' were removed, leaving Golten. All Goltens in the UK are descended from these 5 brothers, although the name is also known in Sweden - no relation.

Message Number: 5
Angus Martin
Location: Alexandria, Virginia
Sent: 8-Feb-2003
I stumbled onto your website todat and found it quite interesting. One of my great-grandfathers was William Wells GOULTON who was born on the Caribbean island of Grenada around 1840. He died in 1874. The only other Goulton I've found in Grenada is a W.D. Goulton. It would be great if anyone can shed some light on the Grenadian branch of the Goultons. Thanks.

Message Number: 4
Howard Golton
Location: Derby, UK
Sent: 27-Jan-2003
Hello Cassie, Thanks for your entry in the Golton Guestbook. As far as we know there are several origins of the Golton family name. Some Goltons are corruptions of the Goulton, Galton, Gaulton names that originated in England probably before the 1600's. There is a very small hamlet in the county of Dorset on the south coast of England called 'Galton' and there are also quite a lot of Galtons in that area still today. Certainly quite a few Goltons used to spell their name with the 'u' form (Goulton) in the past and this is generally thought to be the older form of the name. I have also been emailed by some Goltons in the US who were originally Polish immigrants in the 1920's and changed their name to 'Golton' because they thought this sounded British. At the time this would have made it easier for them to get work. Does your Mother have relatives in the UK or can she trace her family tree back at all? Best wishes to your family! Howard Golton Derby, UK.

Message Number: 3
Location: syd,australia
Sent: 27-Jan-2003
My mum wants to find her family tree, does anyone know the where golton originated from? If so please email me.

Message Number: 2
Location: Cheltenham
Sent: 8-Nov-2002
Father Roy Galton living in Bath originally from Portsmouth hants Brother Bernard living in Bath

Message Number: 1
Howard Golton
Location: Derby, England
Sent: 23-Oct-2002
Firstly, a big thankyou to everyone who has emailed me with 'Golton' information (or Goulton, Galton and Gaulton)! You can still email me or add your own comments, family history information and search requests by clicking on 'Sign My Guestbook' below. Best wishes to all Goltons, Goultons, Galtons, Gaultons and Goltens wherever you are! Howard

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