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How many Goltons and other related family names are there in the UK?


Using the Infobel telephone directory to search for Goltons, etc in the UK gives the following results:

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Family Name

No. of entries in UK phone books*

Main current locations (in descending order of occurrence)



Two main clusters: one in London and the other around Poole and Bournemouth. Other locations include Exeter, Swindon and Cardiff.



North East (Chester, Wrexham, St. Helens, Blackpool, North Wales, Manchester), London, Bristol, Bournemouth, Stoke on Trent



One tight cluster around Selby/York, and a looser one around London and the south east, Kent, Leeds, Falmouth, Manchester, Bournemouth, East Grinstead



Beverley/Hull, Selby, Gt Yarmouth, London, Leicester.



Cardiff, Cheadle & London


*As at June 2002. These results show that Galton is more popular than Golton and that the older
form with the 'u' (such as Gaulton and Goulton) is less popular than the newer form. For maps showing these locations in a side-by-side comparison
click here.

Note that since only a proportion of people choose to have a directory entry, then these figures above will only give an indication of the total number of family members in the UK. However the relative ratios between the families probably remains correct.


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