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Mapping the locations of Goltons, Goultons, Galtons, Gaultons and Goltens

These maps give you an idea of where the different family name variations are located around the UK.

Each white circle represents an entry in the UK telephone directory for the relevant family name. Obviously a lot of people prefer not to be listed in these directories and no attempt has been made to locate and plot those who are ex-directory. Nevertheless they should give a broad impression of where families are located.



Map of UK showing location of Goltons

 Map of UK showing location of Goultons



 Map of UK showing location of Galtons

 Map of UK showing location of Gaultons



 Map of UK showing location of Goltens

So what can be concluded from these maps?

Well there seems to be some correlation between the Goltons and the Goultons (both have clusters of entries in the York area). However there is almost no match between the Galtons and the Gaultons. There are very few Goltens with a small cluster in the Cardiff area. The Galtons also have a cluster in this area, so could there be a connection between the Galtons and the Goltens or is it just a coincidence?




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