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Searching and Finding Goltons

If you are looking for Goltons that are still alive, then you need to make use of different sources to traditional Genealogical websites (see below). It appears that about 70% of all living Goltons are located in the UK. To search for them you can use a variety of websites, some free, some subscription. I've created a number of links below to search engines and directories that I have found useful. Websites such as 192.com will allow increasingly sophisticated searches depending upon the level of subscription you are prepared to pay for. At the top level you could find all Goltons in the UK by making use of their ability to search through the electoral register.

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List Goltons in the UK Telephone Directories


Find Australian Goltons using Whitepages
Tip: try New South Wales, Other Areas, Residential


Find Canadian Goltons using Whitepages


Find American Goltons using Whitepages


Find Spanish Goltons using Whitepages


Search for email addresses for Goltons using Bigfoot.com

Note: Many bigfoot email addresses are duplicate or out-of-date!


List all Goltons who have registered with FriendsReunited.com

Use 'Name Search' and put an asterisk (*) in the First Name field or click above link. Note this site is useful for finding female Goltons who have changed name after marriage. This search will list both married and former Goltons. You will need to register with the FriendsReunited website (free) if you haven't already done so.

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Search for Goltons on the UK Electoral Register (via Subscription to 192.com)


Page last updated: 6th November 2003
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